Poetic potentials of computer code

Java Sonnets, C++ Ballads and Python Haikus? Why not!
Poetry + Coding = The New Avant-Garde
Join us in India’s first poetry jam featuring 
poems written in computer code, 
performed by humans and machines. Full video below!
Expected Nerd Level for Listeners/Watchers = 0
Nerd Level of Featured Code Poets = Jedi

WHAT is co-po-jam?

In this first experiment of co-po-jam we explore code poetry through interactive code poetry, visual code poetry, black out poetry generators. We also explore the world of sentiment analysis in context of literature, speculative fiction through machine learning generated texts, and much more. We will create cutting edge poems in code. We will also perform, collaborate and hang out with humans, machines and other poets at the co-po-jam.

It is an open-to-all online event where we get together to interact, watch and be pleasantly shocked as some jedi-level creative technologists showcase their poetic performances. We invite coders and non-coders alike to come together in exploring the intersections of code and poetry. At co-po-jam we encourage experiments, trials and attempts with the use of programming syntax, creative visualizations through code, understanding the concepts of Natural Language Processing.

WHY co-po-jam?

co-po-jam is an opportunity for writers, artists and technologists to collaborate in non-formalised ways. An experimental space to discover, hypothesise and speculate on the nature of writing in the digital age.



Akash Sharma (Instagram | Facebook | Website)

Akash Sharma is an experimental artist exploring electro-acoustic improvisation, data manipulation, algorithmic compositions, and sensor-based music.

Phantom Words - This was a tiny social experiment for 10 days in mid of lockdown. Phantom words are sounds which are specifically designed so that they don’t have any word or meaning to them.. but when we hear it our brain gives meaning to this sound and we hear words. this is an Auditory Illusion. A very loose objective of this social experiment is to somehow plot this general feeling or emotion all of us are in now with this global lockdown. end of this, hopefully we will have some insight of how all of us as collective society is feeling. A direct outcome is a word cloud which is like a crowdsourced poetry

Hugo Pilate (Instagram | Tumblr | Website)

Hugo is a designer trying to make sense of the world we’ve built for ourselves while exploring alternative modes of living, earning, and thinking, one project at a time.

The program is a designed to ask the big questions, always. By using a deceivingly simple question structure similar to that which an inquisitive child might likely use, it is designed to help its reader consider the most (un)likely of circumstances.

Jazer Chand (Instagram | Linkedin | Website)

Jazer is an interaction designer with a playful itch for coding, and making experimental interfaces that explore the realms of art and computation.

Jazer will be presenting a blackout poetry generator that explores five different modes of poem creation — a comparative to collaborative interface between a bot and the author. Each mode will conclude with a generated poem.

Kofi Oduro (Instagram | Twitter | Website)

Creative Coder & Performative Programmer, who uses Coding, Poetry, Music, Visuals in conjunction with other mediums to enhance experiences.

For Dra.ft, he will be using creative/live coding tools alongside poetry to show that code is poetry and poetry is code. Bringing the visuals AND SONIC ELEMENTS TO ALIGN WITH THE WORDS and vice versa

Praveen Sinha (Instagram | Linkedin | Website)

Praveen is an Interaction Designer, UX Educator & New Media Practitioner, who makes eclectic mix of work primarily based on code & storytelling.

Interpreting a physical action based algorithm to generate Haiku, with AR filter as the medium & Spark AR as the coding tool. The algorithm involves tilting ones head 3 times to write a Haiku. The head tilt interaction was inspired from the infamous indian “head-nod”. Praveen will be showcasing the instagram filter and also few clips of users hacking the algorithm and exploring layered interpretations.

Priti P (Instagram | Twitter | Website)

Priti is an information designer who works at the intersection of design, technology & code.

The rapid co-evolution of technology and typography has uncovered possibilities for creating immersive experiences that push the limits of expressivity. Increasingly, emerging forms of media are beginning to encompass temporal and interactive behaviours. This project envisions Kalidāsā’s venerable poetry — Meghadūtam — as interactive, three-dimensional typographic forms, moving through space. Type is viewed through the lens of computation to weave form, motion and interaction to take readers through the poem’s emotional journey. If poetry is a mere shadow of emotions felt, by asking a shadow to dance, we urge to bring words to life, to hold a stronger presence, a deeper voice.

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